Dutch Policedogs is a young and ambitious company, specialized in import, export and coaching of different kinds of working dog, such as:

– Fetching (single purpose)
– Fetching / biting (dual purpose)
– Certified dogs (KNPV, ISO, SCHUTZHUND and RINGSPORT)
– Dogs specialized in explosives
– Dogs specialized in narcotics/drugs
– Personal protection dogs

Dutch Policedogs is working with qualified trainers which take care the selection of the dogs for export purposes. Our mission is: ‘only the best is good enough’.

Quality is one of the keywords for Dutch Policedogs when it comes to coaching, taming and health of the dogs. Honestly has the first priority. Our features are: Quality, reliability and honestly. These three features are leading key elements of our company.

Dutch Policedogs is purely working with dogs which are medical OK. Before an export, the dogs will be checked by a recognized veterinarian. The dogs which we offer you do have: pet passport, needed and required vaccination, health certificate and X-rays.

In the meantime, several institutions, companies and organizations found us. Our exports are worldwide.

Photos on this site are made ​​available by Monic, Arts of Moons